Addressograph Model 70
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Addressograph Graphotype

6300 Series

Authentic WWII Notched dog tags are available custom imprinted with your information thru our on-line catalog.

Please visit our on-line catalog to purchase notched dog tags.


6340 Series Graphotype

Common Parts and Assemblies

6380 Series Graphotype

The Graphotype 6300 series is recommended whenever speed is an important factor in the embossing or debossing of metal tags or plastic cards. A competent operator can emboss 500 to 1,000 plates per day (based on 8 working hours per day.) It offers the utmost in convenience and accuracy.  The 6300 reduces operator fatigue to a minimum.

The  standard keyboard and space bar operate similar to a manual typewriter, making it easy for the typist/computer operator to quickly attain full production.  Changes and corrections are made by backspacing and retyping which makes it easy to re-emboss any portion of the tag.

Several different models are available from the standard all upper case military models, 6340 and 6341 to the 6380, 6381 and 6383 which have upper and lower case.  All have  numbers and punctuation. Special characters are available. The  6380 series has become very popular with the advent of the web and the need for special characters like @, \, ~, as well as foreign language.

A variety of type styles are available.  Standard deboss dog tag type 28, is still the most popular.

Specifications: Width of Machine 41;  Depth of Machine 27; Height of Machine 46; Net Weight 340 Lbs.; Gross Shipping Weight 520 Lbs. Standard AC 115 Volt, 60 Cycle, Single-Phase 1/4 H.P. Motor;  Finish Gray or  Black.

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