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The history of DogTagsRus:

My name is Kobie, I am 12-years old.  I see my dad working so hard all the time to try to make ends meet that I told him I wanted to do something to help out with the family bills and I wanted to make some spending money for myself.  As early as age 9 and 10 I was accused of following in my Great Grandfathers entrepreneurial footsteps.  One example is I got in trouble at school for buying "pokemon" cards in bulk and selling them at a mark up to my fellow students.  Funny thing is the principal did not see the humor in it so I was shut down.  Another example is a good friend of mine Mr. Mike Green owns an army navy store.  Mr. Green gave me a pocket knife for doing some work for him at the store.  When I went to my Grandpa's house someone asked to see my knife and they said "wow-that is a neat knife I sure wish I had one like it."  I slapped that knife down on the table and started negotiating a price, "what will you give me for it?" 

Here is Kobie at ANIMEfest 2004 - Held in Dallas, TX.
Note his dog tags !!!!  They were a great hit at the show.

When I was 11-years old during the summer vacation I ran a snow cone stand in front of my fathers machine shop.  While I made pretty good money each day I really did not enjoy the snow cone stand as the only customers I had were truck drivers and salesmen.  My fathers machine shop is located in the middle of an industrial district.  There are not many kids shopping for snow cones in an industrial park.  I told my dad I wanted to do something different and meet more people so my dad and I began to look for something else I could do to make money.

My father and I had been searching for a project that he and I could both do together as a father/son project.  For several years we had hinted that selling dog tags might be fun.  Selling dog tags seemed interesting to both of us and we decided to purchase a machine and give it a try.

My dad calls DogTagsRus "a father/son character building experience."

Dad and I agreed that we would give the dog tags a try and if it did not interfere with my school and other activities I could keep the business.  We also came to the agreement that I could keep 10% of my profits for myself to spend on things I want.  Another 10% is tithed and another 10% is spent on the business.  The remaining 70% goes directly into my college fund.

DogTagsRus first began making dog tags on March 20th 2004.  Our first attempt at selling dog tags was at the Side Walk Sale, a computer swap meet that takes place twice a month in downtown Dallas.

Here we are set up at the Side Walk Sale with the dog tag machine mounted on the back of a flat bed trailer selling dog tags at the computer swap meet.  The grey machine with the large round flywheel in the center of the picture is the dog tag machine.

After several years of searching for an affordable machine to make dog tags - in March of 2004 we were approached by a man that was selling his machine  - my dad and I discussed it and bought our first dog tag machine, an Addressograph Graphotype 6341.  Our 6341 is shown to the right as we received it with missing keys and parts, broken work light and covered in dirt and grime.

Dad and I took possession of dog tag machine March 13th, 2004.  We literally bought it in the parking lot of a local gun show and loaded it right then and there into the back of the pickup truck.  The machine was in good shape but needed some parts, adjustments and lots of cleaning before we could press it into service.

The evening of March 19th, 2004 my father and I were experimenting with the dog tag machine to see how much information we could print on one dog tag and we found that we could get the following text on one tag:

$6.00 PER SET

Once we determined what would fit on the dog tags we went to the web and searched to see if the domain name of DOGTAGSRUS.com was available.  The name was available so we purchased it that evening.  This was the beginning of DogTagsRus and DogTagsRus.com

The next morning March 20th, 2004 my dad and I loaded the Addressograph (all 390 lbs of it) into the back of the pickup truck.  We then gathered up some supplies, extension cords and other equipment and headed to downtown Dallas to the Third Saturday Side Walk Sale - a computer flea market.  When we got to the sale it was evident that the Addressograph was just to heavy to remove from the back of the pickup truck, so I went and met with the event manager and negotiated a deal to park the pickup truck in the lot for $20.00 and we sold right out of the back of the truck. 

An interesting note:  My dad had been teaching me about negotiating with people and since we were not going to be able to get the dog tag machine out of the pickup truck it looked as if we were not going to be able to sell any dog tags.  It was then that I decided to negotiated with the manager and I talked him into giving me a better rate since the dog tags were a novelty at the computer swap meet.  Normal booth rental is $40.00 and I was able to negotiate a rate of $20.00.

After plugging the Addressograph into the generator and opening the tail gate of the pickup truck it was a matter of minutes before our first customer came and purchased the first set of dog tags.  From that moment on we have been making dog tags. 

Soon after taking possession of our first Addressograph we found that there was a lot more to dog tags or identification tags than just buying a machine and "punching" out dog tags.  We found out the history of dog tags could fill volumes and that dog tags have become a part of our culture just like camouflage is to the military or scrubs are to the medical profession.

A word from the owner:  My name is Kobie, I am 13 years old and this is my business.  

I love to fish with my Grandmother on her boat.

I want to thank each and every customer for their order in advance.  

70% of every order goes directly into my college fund - so your order is helping me pay for my future education.  

Thank You for your interest and for visiting my web site.

For the year 2004 we went undefeated in basketball.

DogTagsRus has opened a whole world of opportunity for me and has led me to research dog tags and other things of interest to me and my father.  One of the things that we have come to appreciate are the Addressograph machines and the history associated with the machines. 

The Addressograph machines themselves are a mechanical marvel, truly a work of art.  The Addressograph is truly a machine that one can say "they don't make them like that anymore."  The basic concept of the addressograph has patents that date back to the 1890's.  The Addressograph is one of the finest examples of American ingenuity and craftsmanship that represents the best of the 1900's and mechanical engineering. 

I have become so appreciative of the Addressograph and it history that I have invested in several specimens to add to the collection.  One of the machines we are most proud of is our G1 hand operated machine.  At 100 years old, this machine still operates and prints as fine as the day it was made.  See Addressograph's in the HISTORY section to see more about this machine.

Besides making dog tags the Addressograph-Multigraph corporation and it's associated machines have been truly instrumental in shaping our country into what it is today.  The Addressograph had impact in almost every industry in the United States at one time or another.

DogTagsRus has expanded their product line as a direct result of the sale of dog tags.  For example many veterans placed P-38 can openers on their dog tags while serving our country so it only made since that we should also sell the P-38 and P-51 can openers.  As soon as we started selling the P-38 and P-51 can openers it opened the door to the history of the can openers.

As DogTagsRus evolves we continue to expand our product line to better serve our customers.

All of DogTagsRus's products can be found in our on-line catalog. 

We often find small or single item lots that are sold on a first come first serve basis.  Because of the constantly changing inventory we encourage you to book mark our web site and frequently review the catalog for updates. 

Our catalog can be accessed by clicking on the below button.


 Within the catalog you can also select an option to be informed via e-mail of any new "limited supply" products we might locate.

If you have items you would like to see in our catalog or if you have praise, criticism, questions or comments please e-mail me at kobie@dogtagsrus.com or use our CONTACT US form located in our on-line catalog.

I am always looking for comments and testimony to add to my web site so I encourage you to write and share your stories and comments with us.

My father and I bought a dog tag machine so that I might start this business.  I run the business and print the dog tags.  Currently I am in the process of paying off the machine.

Bookmark this page and check back often I welcome comments and those who wish to follow my progress with this new business venture.  

Please have patience with me as I have a full time job with school and sports.

I am currently playing football.


Hello, I am Kobie's father, below is a short chronology of how DogTagsRus got started and some interesting notes about DogTagsRus.com

  • March, 2004 Kobie and I make a decision to find some type of activity that could be a father/son character building experience that Kobie could actively participate in and enjoy.

  • March 13, 2004 - Kobie purchases his first electric dog tag machine an Addressograph Graphotype Model 6341.

  • March 19, 2004 - We purchase the domain and name DogTagsRus.com

  • March 20, 2004 - Kobie negotiates with a local computer flea market to pull the pickup truck into the parking lot and he starts selling dog tags from the back of the pick up truck.  Kobie prints his first dog tags. - An interesting note is that normal booth fee was $45.00 for the day at the computer flea market, Kobie negotiated on his own, a fee to park and sell for $20.00 - the art of negotiation is put to good use.

  • April, 2004 with several sales under his belt, Kobie elects to expand his product line by adding a variety of dog tag options and military can openers.

  • May, 2004 - Kobie buys his first manual dog tag machine and Addressograph Graphotype Model G1.

  • May, 2004 - After negotiating with a local gun show about having a 12-year old running a business - they agree to allow Kobie to sell dog tags at the gun show and Kobie debuts his business at his first gun show.

  • June, 2004 - DogTagsRus deploys their first web site

  • August, 2004 - Deployment of our first on-line shopping cart and catalog - powered by osCommerce.

  • August, 2004 - Kobie might have some competition soon.  Kobie's two-year old sister Kelsey all ready has her dog tags on - here she is helping to paint one of our booth signs.

"Watch out Kobie - I am moving in" - Kelsey

  • September, 2004 - Kobie purchases an Addressograph Model 70 U.S. Army Medical Imprinter.  This device is the only reason that the WWII military dog tags had a notch in them.  We now have one of these historical machines in near MINT condition.  Please see our history and information section for more details and photographs of the Addressograph Model 70.

  • November, 2004 - DogTagsRus purchases an Addressograph Graphotype G1 or Graphotype 6185.  This machine is near new and is in wonderful condition.  We located this machine in Texas and it came from a small town bank.  For more information and photographs of this machine and other G1 or 6100 series Graphotypes please see our history and information section.

  • Come see us at the Big Town Gun Show!


# # #


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