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Dog Tags for Link

Swap Offer

DogTagsRus is trying to get the word out, this business is my college fund. 

We have decided to make an offer to web site owners, forum administrators and other people who are in a position to place links back to this site on the Internet.

We will swap dog tags for a http:// link or banner with http:// link on your site or a posting in your forum that has an http:// link back to our site.

If you are interested email me directly and we can work out the details.

Kobie Owner

This offer is NOT open ended, it may be withdrawn at any time for any reason.  For example:  I don't want any of my links on adult porn sites, etc.  For International sites we may have to work our shipping arraignments.  But if you are interested please email me as I want to discuss the placement of links with anyone willing to exchange or barter.

While you are here please review my on-line catalog.


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